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    Specialist Contracting

At CIDS we have capacity and competence in providing specific client needs services. We are available to do supply only and/or Supply & Install

Marine, industrial and Construction Chemicals

We deal in a whole lot of chemical and products for the marine, industrial and construction sectors. The chemicals fall generally under the following classes. Admixtures, Surfaces treatments & Protective coatings and Sealants & Adhesives.

Waterproofing & Damp treatment

Our systems stop water leakages and moisture ingression in foundations, basements, water tanks, septic tanks, roofs, showers, balconies, terraces, tank & pipe lining in both new and existing structures. Polymer Bitumen Membranes, Liquid Membranes (Emulsion, Bitumen, Vapour Controls), Cementitious based membranes and HDPE & PVC membranes.

Insulation Solutions

These are thermal and acoustic products that support the design of energy - efficient constructions in applications such as roofs, ceilings, walls & HVAC Expandable Polystyrene (EPS), Natural occurring minerals (Glass Wool) and Non - combustible mineral (Ultimate).

Wall and Flooring Solutions

Our innovative wall and flooring systems offer benefits like, energy efficiency, reduction in CO2 emissions, prevention of mould growth and esthetics. Green walls & wall coverings, Pavement reinforcements, Patch systems & Paving fabric, Epoxy floor solutions and Cement based floors (Micro Cement & Cellular).

Roofing Solutions

Sustainability and environmental friendliness is a guiding principle when dealing with roofs due to their position and exposure conditions. Green Roofs, Synthetic roofs and Asphalt Roofs