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    Integrated Infrastructure
    Developments & Management

We initiate, manage and deliver sustainable project outcomes in housing, roads, energy, waste management, water & sanitation and Drainage & flood control.

Feasibility Studies

We assist clients undertake an assessment of the opportunity and risk in infrastructure projects. We conduct analysis to ascertain the best development option that is likely to present the lowest risk but the optimum returns. We give clients information on estimated cost, revenues and profit potential of the project.

Project Designs

We strive to transform clients' dreams into pictorial form. We executive preliminary, concept and detailed project designs that will enable the actual realization of the client's dreams. We do all this in a bit to make the project more realistic and practically achievable. All our designs ensure and factor in sustainability. With the growing concern of climate change, we ensure that materials, products and processes are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Financing Management

We also assist our clients in securing financing for their capital and infrastructure projects with a very good repayment and return. We analyze options for financing infrastructure (Short - Long term) using different basic models or combination ( public finance, private debt, or private equity).

Project Management

This is the management of essential operation components that will see the successful implementation of the infrastructure development, such as policies, processes, equipment, data, human resources, and external contacts, for overall effectiveness. These activities help to select the best people and methods to meet the clients' budgets, timeframe and quality requirements.

Turnkey delivery

CIDS fully prospect, design, construct and equip the infrastructure facility and turn the project over to the client when it is ready for operation. This starts with feasibility and our journey ends when the customer wants us to!